Content Curation

I just finished some research for one of my classes last week about content curation. Although I have used a lot of different tools in my PLE/PLN over the years – [netvibes, google reader, netnewswire, delicious, diigo, twitter, pinterest, flickr, zite, feedly, river of news, instapaper, and pocket] – to name a few, I had not discovered “curation” tools – although Pinterest, Zite, feedly and are in that category.

I wandered into some social media zines related to business and found a goldmine of resources and descriptions of a variety of tools. If you are also new to this area of social networking, you will find these articles and news about curation tools of interest. The first article by Beth Kanter is a good introduction to the topic which she describes as “the process of sifting through information on the web – from articles to images to videos to tweets – to organize, filter and make sense of content and then to share the very best material with your network.”

In my teaching field of web design, the concept of design thinking is becoming far more important than the coding involved. Curation tools are great resources for UX designers and anyone trying to understand the users who for whom they are designing. Curation is also a strong element in keeping up with the rapid changes in the web design industry – and of course most marketing is also based on design thinking or developing an empathic view of who you are designing for. Designing in education I find much the same. I well remember discovering Maish Nichani’s article back in 2002 about “Empathic Instructional Design” and its impact on helping me get ADDIE out of my bored mind when starting my doctoral studies in ID.

Peruse these excellent resources for an introduction to content curation. Be prepared to be amazed and spending a lot of time evaluating the tools!

7 Smart Techniques for content curation“, at

Authors or curators: Who will be the more valuable in the future“, at

Take charge of the curation wave with these slick tools“, at

Top tools to help you curate business content“, at

You will find other useful links on the pages of these articles, as these are very informative business zines.


Slowly trying to get involved…

Last week I was late getting into the etmooc, and I am still having problems with Blackboard Collaborate and have yet to view an archive. Once it said my OS was not acceptable (Mac x8.2) and wrong version of Java, downloaded and installed after a communication with their support, then switched to Firefox, but still not getting anything. I am also disappointed that there is no mobile access – unless I am mistaken, but Java is not running on mobile devices from Apple. Is there a mobile solution I have not found yet?

I’m waiting for admission to G+ which should begin some contact. I will try going through the list of blogs next, to try and locate some folks to share with. I have done several moocs so I feel comfortable with the agenda, just wish I had access to the presentations.

Hopefully, my next update will be responding to others I have met!

The Journey continues…

It is great to participate in a mooc again, and to reconnect with the ed tech community. My primary interests include social software for learning and facilitating learners to become self-directed. I am currently teaching a course in our school’s web design program, that focuses on developing a personal learning environment/network, and learning to use new web tools in the process. I am enjoying the redesign as I had not taught the course in nearly 2 years.

I am also intrigued in contributing to new education projects that make a difference, and being recently retired from full-time teaching gives me time to focus on that. Hopefully, I will meet others who are interested in new forms of learning designs and delivery formats. I am excited about the current crop of mooc’s as they call themselves, but know that they are simply the tip of the iceberg, and not very polished at that. We can do better!

I am searching for others who are interested in building more than courses – perhaps a new concept for online delivery, whatever the creative juices generate.